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1991- Romeo and Juliet


Doing an open air show can be a great challenge but it also offered us the opportunity to do some great fight scenes.  Nick Hall, a fight choreographer who had worked on the movie "Highlander" offered to help us out at a price we could afford and the actors put their all into learning the difficult moves.

Simon Merrells who played the part of Tybalt was particularly keen to get everything just right.  One evening I left him on his own in Preston Park with a russian calvary sabre to practise.  Oops big mistake.  The police officers who raced across the park with sirens blaring were relieved to discover they had a keen actor and not a mad sword wielding psychopath on their hands!

Date Venue  
14th – 18th May Royal Spa, Queen”s Park, Brighton 3300
27th – 29th June Goff Park, Crawley 500

Cast and Crew

Ian Shaw Beth FitzGerald
Jason Merrells Robin Manuell Alison Hampshire
James Richardson Kathy Bourne David Mounfield
Sarah Downing Ruth Curran Simon Merrells
Miffy Harvey Peter Godfrey Dave Arnold
Michael Williams Kris Steffes Catherine Suton
Nicholas Hall Tim Summers Adam Haukey
Sarah Legg Jacqueline Andrews Roxanne Andrews
Martin Milner Roderick Field Kirk O”Conner
Neil Manuell Will Davies Nick Gazey
Tom Nichols    



Evening Argus, May 16th 1991

Wow what a Romeo!

I have seen some tragic romances in the park before but never one so moving.

Following last year’s successful open air productions Re:action took to the stage in Queen”s Park with a highly polished version of Romeo and Juliet.  The audience was treated to three and a half hours of pure magic.

Re:action’s talented cast included Beth FitzGerald as an enchanting Juliet, a gifted performance of the nurse by Ruth Curran and a brilliant Romeo played by James Richardson.

Against a backdrop of the parks Royal Spa and light music from a string quintet, the cast provided a truly proffessional version of one of Shakespeare”s best known tragedies, swinging mood though comic moments, to romance, and frightenly realistic fight scenes.

Romeo and Juliet plays at Queen’s Park until May 18 and is something not to be missed.  Be sure to take a warm blanket and pitch your place early – this production is quaranteed a full house.

Claire Byrd.