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1991- The Glass Shatters and The Trees the Thing

With a few shows under our belt and growing in confidence we produced two original shows in the infamous Zap Club



The Zap Club, one of Brighton”s most famous clubs, was back in the 90’s a big supporter of the arts in Brighton offering itself as an early evening venue and a platform for new work. 

The Glass Shatter’s was a wonderfully elegant production.  Based on the poetry of Sylvia Plath the show wove together a script, an actor, a dancer and an original score in a memorable and haunting performance. 

The Tree’s the Thing was a more absurd piece in which a strange man climbs out of a trunk and discurses on the meaning of life and theatre before grinding all his props up and climbing back in the trunk!



Date Venue Audience
15th & 16th March The Zap Club, Brighton


Cast and Crew    
James Richardson Beth FitzGerald Alison Hampshire
Margaret Manuell Dwaine Steffes and others I’ve forgotten