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1993- The Victim

We could have given up there and then but Paul Levy had a plan and a play and we embarked on an adventure in Slovenia




We were hosted by a group called Living Language theatre in Llubjana, the capital of Slovenia.  It’s a beautiful place and we had a wonderful time there.  What we enjoyed most was the totally different attitude people had to theatre.  It was clearly still an important part of the culture and they used the play as a serious opportunity to talk about the issues involved.  Thanks to the tireless efforts of Living Language we had full houses for our stay and were featured on a national television station as well as getting a couple of national newspaper reviews.  Couldn’t tell you what they said because they were written in Slovenian- but we were assured they were good!  One writer said The Victim was "written on the skin of the people."





Date Venue Audience
15th – 16th Sept Kud France Preseren, Llubjana 500

Cast and Crew    
Robin Manuell Neil Manuell Joanna Neary
Natasha King Paul Levy Graham Darg