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1993- Three Russian Vaudevilles

Checkov provides us with some well needed comic relief with The Proposal, The Bear and The Importance of Not Smoking Tobacco.




Evening Argus

Russian drama, to paraphrase a gem from the recently seen on TV film, Withnail and I, usually summons up images of women staring out of windows watching duck’s flying to Moscow.

But Brighton based Re:action Theatre is looking to lighten up this rather dull misconception with three early farces from later 19th Century playwright Anton Chekov, striking a rich vein of chuckles along the way with three pieces entitled The Bear, The Proposal and On The Importance Of Not Smoking Tobacco.

Called Vaudevilles, these short comedies were immensely popular in their time, but the sharp observation and the humanity of the characters has insured a timeless sense of humour in these lesser known pieces.

Re:action Theatre is already well-known for their production of Shakespeare’s Tempest last year and they can be seen in action again this May with the Bard’s Much Ado About Nothing.

Date Venue Audience
24th – 27th Feb Marlborough Theatre, Brighton 250

Cast and Crew    
Dave Mounfield Beth FitzGerald Brian Mitchel
Siobhan Brough Neil Manuell Samantha Bell
Laura Wright