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And away!

Finally there comes a point in all the preparations where you say, enough, that’s it. There is no more I can do. Glorious letting go.

The first leg of my journey to Dar passes off without incident although I am a little annoyed that after they have got us into the air, fed us and plied us with alcohol the next thing they do is close all the windows, switch off the lights and say nighty night. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing that happens on a plane that isn’t improved by sleeping through it.

But somehow I resist the temptation to oblige. Of course a plane full of comatose passengers suits them down to the ground. Much easier to handle. I’m surprised they don’t just have done with, sedate us at check out and wake us up when we get to our destination. They could pack us tighter that way too…

It’s already dark when we arrive at Doha but the heat envelopes us all the same. Um lovely… Now I just have to find somewhere to sleep for the next 12 hours..

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