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ArtCamp UK April 5 2009 at Phoenix Arts, Brighton

Artcamp is a variation on the Barcamps and Unconferences that have become popular gatherings in the techie world recently.  Based loosely on Open Space methodology the idea is that participants bring a half to one hour presentation on something they’re interested and the whole agenda for the day is worked out collaboratively.

"ArtCamp is for artists to ponder art and the artworld, especially as we go into a depression. What does your artworld look like? How are you supporting yourself? What role does technology play in your artworld? If you could invent an artists funding system from scratch, what would it look like? What would your perfect artists social nework look like? Will we flourish or collapse under the strain. Where does art go in an increasingly networked world. What are we doing, where are we going. Maybe a day at ArtCamp can give you inspiration.

Bring work. Show work. Make work.  Propose projects. Network. Define movements. Find collaborators. Tell the world what you are doing and what you need to do it.

The idea of an ArtCamp is that everybody contributes and everybody benefits. A day of presentations, talks, show and tell, live art, whatever you want to do in the company of artists." 

You can sign up for the event, (it’s free) at the Artcamp homepage

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