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Back in Bujora

I was glad to be back in Kisesa after my sojourn in Mwanza. Laurian had taken the day off work and had already headed up to Bujora and was sitting enjoying the cool air on the hill while he and Cos prepared fish and rice. I had brought a pineapple with me and some ginger so we ate the pineapple and I prepared some ginger and chilli for the fish and tomato sauce. We sat around and cooked up a meal and Emma turned up with some Ugali which was added to the feast.

As this was the first day of the Bulaboo we headed the short walk down to the football stadium where a crowd of about 200 people crowded around a small group of dancers. Today there were only one group playing drums but sitting at the side of the grounds a couple of groups sat around singing and storytelling. The competition works with everyone doing there thing at the same time, the crowds wander here and there and gather around and the winner is the group with the biggest crowd.

My band of little brothers wander around talking to friends, getting sugarcane or groundnuts to eat. There is a festival atmosphere and so many young people and children. There are also a group of wazungu one of whom walks over to me and asks if I am staying here. I am a bit shocked at her abruptness after getting used to the slow introductions that proceed most requests in this country. I explain where I am- her companions wants to know when the show is going to start, and when is a good time to visit. She starts talking to Emma in excellent Swahili so I ask her where she is staying and she tells me her and her husband are working up at the hospital. The husband says Hi. On an off chance I ask if she knows Herta Kilala and she says some what primly "You mean Dr Kilala, I know Dr Kilala." I explain that she used to look after me as a baby and I ask if she has any way I could get in contact with her. "I could give you her mobile phone number" she says. It turns out the dutch girls they have brought to see the Bulaboo are staying with Dr Kilala.

Later I try the number but I must have written it down wrong because the number is unobtainable.

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