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Beach Life 2

Tulum gets better.  We take the bus that the weary traveller lays on to the beach and spend the morning doing nothing in the sun.  Martin stays on the beach in the afternoon and I head back into town to sort out some accomodation for claire and damian and do some laundry, buy some more fish!  Later while cooking we get talking to a Slovenian couple and a couple of English girls, Willow and Jessica, making their way around the world.  Martin has an early night and I end up spending the evening with a charming italian woman called Michaela  who we first bumped into at Aqua Nazul.

Claire and Damian arrive at about 11.45 but we’re already in bed so we don’t see them till the next day.  We catch up over breakfast and then head to the beach!  We have a lot of fun hiring Kayaks and splashing around in the water.  Martin and I kayak out to the reef.  It’s a long way from land but it actually gets shallower further out.  I tie my paddle and life jacket to the boat and free dive my way around the reef but, compared to the reefs off zanzibar there’s not a lot to see.  It’s fun though and the Kayak comes with a sense of freedom attached.

As soon as we’ve dried off its time to say goodbye and head for the bus station.  24 hours of mindless monotony follow but I get plenty of opportunity to practise my new sleep technique  (just keep looking for the blue dot!).

Finally we arrive back in Mexico city!  Yeehaa!  We take up the two for one offer at the local bar and its not long before we are in a stupor.

We catch up with Raul this morning and then head for the anthropological museum.  Its vast and full of lots of stuff. (that’s my pithy summary of 4000 years of mexican history.)  Raul informs us that there is a party at his college this evening.  Another party.  Oh god give me strength.

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