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Bujora again

Now that I have an alternative to look forward to I make a commitment to going along with this lifestyle till Sunday and not trying to fight it. I’m frustrated at not being able to write and have finally ditched the computer technology and resorted to paper and pen as the only feasible option. My pda and phone I was hoping to keep charged with a solar cell- a device called “Freeloader” that I brought with me. However it has stopped working. This is the second one I’ve had and the first one failed in the same way so I am not impressed. I could use the laptop but then I’d have to recharge it and that would take me a 30 minute walk, a 30 minute conversation, probably another meal that I’d have to eat despite my total lack of hunger and I still wouldn’t have plugged the damn thing in. So consider these words transcribed.

Emmanuelle is a muscled smiling ball of energy. He’s trying way to hard. It annoys me. I like him in a general sense, he is friendly, respectful and so willing to help but he robs me of control and he’s using his new friendship for political gain. And he wants me to help him learn to drive. Help meaning pay for.

There’s something about Paulo that is immediately likable. He’s younger than Emma and much more laid back and he genuinely wants to communicate with me. He laughs good naturedly as I attempt to sing along with his Sukuma songs and enthusiastically names the stars the moon and the sun to me in Sukuma and Swahili. Still when I’m trying to drift off into my own thoughts his interruptions get irritating … as now when he comes to look over my shoulder as I am writing.

Shegera (nickname Mzee) on the other hand is just doing his own thing. He likes the quiet up at Bujora and someone needs to be here to look after the pig. He sits around lost in his own thoughts sometimes wandering off to work on a song. He has a quiet dignity that I like and there is no side to him. In spite of Emma’s self adopted role as my interpreter I find Shegera a much more effective communicator.

Cos senior has the same relaxed ease though in recent days he has become almost as eager to please as Paulo. This is a simple response to the fact that I have been telling them about a permaculture course at Kinesi and I want to plan a trip to see how permaculture solutions are being applied to village life. They are keen to organize this. It’s a credit to them that they have seized on this idea and want to run with it but I am worried because Cos is really not the man to go on this course- principly because a bottle of the local spirits turns him incomprehensible and he doesn’t stop drinking until he and everyone he is with runs out of money. How can I politely discourage him from this idea when he is so keen?

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