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Doom, Gloom and Recession. Why none of it matters anyway.

I’ve just been on a detour of web wide commentary and analysis of the prevailing economic climate and why we are all doomed for years to come.

I’m not going to provide links because i.m.h.o, none of it is relevant anyway.  It doesn’t matter what the papers say or what the experts forecast.

Because the things that matter for success in business and in life are exactly the same whether in bust or boom.

In your personal life you’ve got to find what you love and enjoy and share it with like minded people who love you back.

In your business life you’ve got to create great relationships with your customers, find out what they want and keep giving it to them.


Once you’ve lived a few decades it becomes obvious that economics, politics and the weather all come in seasons and cycles.  There isn’t anything we can do about the weather and the tides (note to self, let’s hope they’re not even going to try).

It’s enough to have the best crew you could wish for and a ship that’s fast and true.

Life goes on and what ever is going on around the globe the only thing that you can take responsibility for is what’s right in front of you.





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