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Fishing?, originally uploaded by Robin Manuell.

I am dispirited, the sun is low in the sky and I’m thinking this is all too little too late but once I have my bamboo fishing rod and the bait on the end of my hook, even the rather feeble token attempts we make at catching a fish cheer me up and my mood lifts again. In some ways I know I would have been better off coming here on my own. I am overprotected by my friends and constrained by their limitations. If I had been here on my own I know I could have handled the young fishermen. They would have been all to delighted to lend me one of their rafts. To see the mzungu learn to fish would have been a story to tell and retell for weeks to come. But I am learning. It is my first time and I should take it one step at a time learning as I go along.

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