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Ideas In Motion: Coaching, Training and Facilitation For Creative People

Is Creativity Central To Your Business Or

To Your Own Sense Of Personal Satisfaction And Well Being?

Do You Love Learning?   Are You Committed To Your Own Personal Development?

Hi, my name is Robin Manuell and I’m passionate about creativity and creative people. I help people like you get clear about what they want and take steps to achieve their dreams.  I’ld like to share with you the story of how Tim Renton, UK Minister of the Arts from 1990-92 made an off hand remark that made me so angry I spent 16 years just to prove him wrong. On the way I discovered something that would turn my life around completely.

But first. Lets cut to the chase shall we? I’m writing a book –  Ideas In Motion: How Creativity Changes The World.  It’s going to be published in September 2008. I’m going to be revealing the key lessons that I’ve learned in 20 years running businesses in the creative industries; coaching and training people in peak performance and interpersonal psychology and consulting to corporate and public sector clients.  I’m on a mission to share with you:

The Secrets Of Performance Psychology that enable  people like you  to Achieve Extraordinary Results.

How to Dramatically Improve your Ability to Communicate and collaborate with people and to Manage The Dynamics Of The Creative Process.

How to Find Creative Fulfillment And Commercial Success in the knowledge that you’re Adding Value To The World And Your Community.

Here’s the deal. Sign up for my Ideas In Motion newsletter and each week I’ll send you practical tips that you can use straight away to:

Get Clear About What You Want, what’s really important to you and what you can live without.

Start Taking Your Dreams Seriously. Identify the skills and resources you’ll need to make your future a place you want to live.

Make The Decisions And Take The Steps. Stop it from being just a dream.

Here’s just a sample of some of the information I’ve prepared already:

  1. The single most common problem that every creative person faces and how employers and clients use this to work you to the bone, force down your daily rate and generally screw you over.
  2. The 6 unique economic principals that govern your business success and how to turn them into opportunities.
  3. Eleven trends that will change the way creative people work for ever.
  4. The Eight attitudes that will rocket charge your performance and give you the power to take full responsibility for your own destiny.
  5. The single process underlying all creativity and how to use it to generate a constant, reliable stream of ideas that never stop.
  6. A systematic model of behavioural excellence that will enable you to quickly learn any new skill and ramp up your performance so quickly you’ll
  7. The entire, yes, the complete workbook I’ve developed for my Creative NLP Practitioner program.  If you’ve heard of NLP (Neurolinguistic Program) and the many benefits that are claimed and are curious to hear more then you are going to love this.  I have taken NLP apart and put it back together from the ground up.  I’ve looked behind the claims and the counter claims, the faction fighting and the frankly fraudulent to create a conceptual framework and a precision model of NLP specifically tailored for the creative industries.

Look I could go on with this marketing spiel and give you a whole list of the exeptional value I’m offering here but the truth is I’m impatient and if   you’re like me   you know  what you’re looking for  and you don’t want to be sold to so blatantly!  I want to write the most relevant, useful and comprehensive guide to surviving and thriving in the creative industries that’s ever leapt off the shelves.  And to do that I need feedback from   people like you.

I want to know what your challenges are and what you’re passionate about. I want to know what  you do excellently and what you want to do to breakthrough. So each newsletter will invite you to take a short survey. Taking the survey is totally optional, you’ll still get the newsletter. And when the eBook is published on 9th September 2008, to thank you for your time :

  • You’ll get the book free as a pdf download.
  • You’ll get access to the behind the scenes interviews and demonstrations that I don’t want the public to see.
  • You’ll always have free access to my latest research.
  • You’ll always receive discounts on my coaching, training and faciliation sevices.

Now I know that an email is no substitute for the personal touch and I know that you’re got lots of things going on in your life already so I’ll keep it short and simple and if you want to know more you can explore in your own time.

I hate spam so I’ll never share or sell your email address. When you Sign Up For The IdeasInMotion newletter you’ll be sent an email asking you to confirm you want to receive the information. You can unsubscribe at any time you like.

So just to summarise:

1) I’m going to send you one email a month with valuable information that you can use straight away.  If you want to go into a subject in more depth you can sign on for additional information.

2) I’m going to invite you to take surveys.  Taking the survey is totally optional. Your reponses will be totally confidential. I handle all the surveys myself personally and no one else will see them.  Of course, I will use the answers you give to inspire the content that I send you.   Its more personal that way.

3) It doesn’t cost you anything.  Of course I make my living teaching people this stuff and I’m going to tell you when I have coaching and training opportunities coming up.  By then you’ll already   know the value I have to offer  and whether   that’s right for you.

4) Did I mention you get free stuff?

But first, I’ld like to make sure that  this information is right for you.   After all there are plenty of coaches and trainers out there who know a thing or too about business and personal and interpersonal psychology.  And there are plenty of people like you looking for   Which of the following statements are true for you (please tick)

Yes, Creativity Is Essential For My Personal Satisfaction.
Yes, Creativity Is Essential For My Commercial Success.
Yes, I’m Committed To My Own Personal Development.
Yes, I’m A Self Motivated Learner.
Yes, My Work Requires Me To Generate And Realise Ideas.
Yes, I Work With Or Manage Creative People.

What’s The Biggest Challenge You Face Right Now?:
How Difficult Has It Been For You To Find Help With This Challenge?:
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