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Keeping Resolutions- Getting over it. Getting down to it. Getting on with it.

How are those New Year Resolutions Going?

New Year has always been a time for looking back over the year that’s been and looking forward to the coming year.  It’s a blank slate, a chance to make a new start on all of those things we’ve been meaning to get around to.

It’s become traditional to make those New Years Resolutions- and for some of us it’s just as traditional to break them all before January is even over!!

So I thought now would be a good time to take a look at how to keep those resolutions on track.  We’ll spend a day together in a small group, working on just what you need to be able to look back next year with a pleasant sense of achievement.

Getting Over It!

Break through the emotional blocks that keep you from getting started.

Over come the frustration that comes from repeated failure.

Create a new belief that you can change your life.

Getting Down To It!

Create a compelling and realistic goal to aim for.

Decide the steps and milestones that will let you know you are on your way.

Overcome hesitancy and procrastination and get down to it!

Getting On With It!

Learn how to keep yourself motivated on the journey to success.

Over come back sliding and the occasional set back and  put yourself back on track.

Enjoy and celebrate the new You!

With only 8 places for this workshop you can be sure that you get personal attention on the things you want for yourself in 2009.  I will be using NLP, Hypnosis and frankly, every trick in the book to make sure you get great value from your investment in this workshop.

You can book your place now safely and securely using paypal or your prefered credit/debit card.

What are you waiting for? I’ll see you there!

(Once you have confirmed your payment I’ll send you full details of the venue, an itinary for the day and some useful material that will help prepare you to get the most from the workshop.)

All the Best for 2009