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Lighting The Creative Fire

Join Me For The Day And I Guarantee You’ll Learn Five Things That You Can Use Right Now To Be More Creative And Make More Money In 2011

From Robin Manuell
Monday 10.00am

Robin ManuellYou’ll be working with me and a group of like minded creative people as we discover how we survive and thrive in the creative economy! (24th Feb 2011, Brighton. 11th Mar 2011, Brighton. 15th Apr 2011, Brighton)

I was talking with a friend, an artist, the other day about the creative process. He was saying how sometimes it’s so frustrating: he has no motivation or inspiration, it’s an effort to even turn up at the page. Then at other times he  connects with the right energy and everything flows naturally, the process is enjoyable and he makes progress easily. But why did those moments seem so fleeting! What if he could summon them at will!  With so many distractions, just keeping the show on the road.  Sometimes you just need to get away from it for long enough to return with a fresh perspective.

No matter your level of experience, if you, like my friend, would like to:

  • Freshen up with an inspiring look at creativity
  • Uncover your natural creative cycle and how to work with it
  • Break through creative blocks
  • Enrich your creative practise with new attitudes, skills and ideas.
  • Receive feedback and support from like minded people
  • Apply practical plans for your success in 2011

You can join me and a small gathering of creative people who will be discovering why, “It’s your sacred duty to serve your gift!”

Book your place now.

I can highly recommend this workshop

Robin is extremely enabling in creative environments. His enthusiasm and positive encouragement are exceptional. He believes in the power of creativity as a life changing force, and encourages ideas and imagination with warmth and sincerity. Having worked in a professionally creative company with Robin for many years, I can highly recommend this workshop.

Claire Rafftery, Theatre-maker
I went home inspired

Robin’s calm, relaxed, gentle and humourous manner allowed for immediate group bonding and set everyone at ease. I went home inspired and got to work with renewed vitality.

Sarah H, Set painter and Graphic Designer

But first, I have a couple of questions for you because I want to be sure this is the right thing for you.

You’ll benefit most from this experience if you answer yes to either of these questions.

  • Yes, creativity is essential to my sense of satisfaction and well-being: I just feel that urge to create! Being creative satisfies me. I can’t imagine life without it.
  • Yes, creativity is essential to my work. I work in a creative job. I work with other creative people. I need to be creative even when I don’t like the project, I don’t like the people and I don’t like the pay!

If you answer yes to either of those questions then I’m guessing that you’ll recognise some of the everyday struggles creative people face.

  • You have a great idea but you’re so stressed just keeping the show on the road and the wolves from the door that you never get it started.
  • Sometimes nothing seems to flow. The muse has left you, the fountain is dry! You can’t seem to just get to the page or the canvas or …
  • You have so many good ideas it’s overwhelming. They’re all so interesting! How to choose between them?
  • You are great at what you do but you don’t always have the confidence to follow through. You’re uncomfortable about promoting yourself.
  • Your creativity doesn’t always go together with being organised and efficient. Business language is a huge turn off. Time management? Leave me alone!
  • Your idea is great but you need to put it out there, research your markets and find out how much time and money its worth investing.
  • You’re frustrated by having to compromise what you do to be commercial. You do your bit for other people but you’d like to feel that sense of ownership. You want to be doing your own thing.
  • You don’t care about the money and the business side of it, you just want to do what you love!
  • It’s really hard to value what you do. Lets face it your talent is priceless. And how long is a piece of string?
  • It’s frustrating working with other people with their own ideas and agendas and the politics and power games gets in the way of creating something you can believe in.
  • You need other people! And that means communicating and collaborating with them; finding relationships that work for both of you.
  • You’re only as good as your last project. Sure it was a huge success, critically acclaimed and financially rewarding. But what now? The bar is raised. Will you be able to live up to expectations?
  • You’re so worn out by your last project you honestly think, can I bear to go through that again? Just think what we could if we had enough time and enough money!

When you book a place on Lighting The Creative Fire you’ll have the opportunity to  leave that behind while you really get in touch with what’s important to you creatively.

Book your place now.

One of the most creative people I know.

Igor LedochowskiRobin has a way of getting to the heart of any discipline quickly and with the minimum of fuss.  One of the brightest and most ethical trainers out there, if you’re interested in personal development then you must train with Robin.  It’s that simple.

Igor Ledochowski,
(Author of the best selling hypnosis course of all time)
Lifelong Success
Robin creates a  safe, engaging and exciting learning environment.

I’ve known and worked with Robin for nearly 20 years. He creates a  safe, engaging and exciting learning environment and is particularly good at assessing barriers to creativity and proposing individually tailored methods to unlock solutions.

Kirstie Maginn
Theatre Practitioner and trainer

It could be challenging. It will be exciting. Creativity is playful! Through a combination of storytelling, guided activities, interactive learning and participant feedback we will be:

Practising creativity…

  1. Understanding how creativity works
  2. Using your mind with greater flexibility.
  3. Recognising your personal challenges for 2011

Practising communication…

  1. Sharing your work.
  2. How to listen so other people feel safe
  3. Giving and receiving feedback.

Practising collaboration…

  1. Sharing responsibility in the creative process, accepting other peoples gifts and contributions.
  2. Discovering the questions to ask so you know what they really mean!
  3. Negotiating your way to a happy outcome!

Book your place now.

You’ll be learning and experimenting with 5 models of the creative process that will give you the insights you need to work with your natural creativity. You’ll be receiving appreciation, feedback and time for reflection on your own creative process with like minded creative people. When you take part in Lighting The Creative Fire you’ll come away with more energy to be creative and more choices about how to put those ideas in motion.

Book your place now.

I GUARANTEE That You Will Get Value From This Day Or You Can Have Your Money Back.  Say “Yes” And Get 2 Months To Decide At My Risk!

I’ll be blunt. I want you get maximum value from this workshop. If at the end of the day you don’t believe it’s been valuable to you then I don’t want to have your money. You can just say the magic words “I’d like a refund”  In fact, I’ll do better than that.  If you pay with PayPal right now I’ll give you a full 60 days from today to claim your refund.  You still get to have a trip to Brighton and a fun day and the risk is entirely on me!

YES – Let Me In Robin!
  • I’m ready to book myself a place on Lighting the Creative Fire
  • Yes, I realise I will be taking a serious and playful look at how to be more creative and how to practically put ideas in motion,
  • Yes, I can be in Brighton on 24th Feb, 11th Mar or 15th Apr from 9.30-17.00
  • Yes, I’m coming with an open mind and excited about connecting with other creative people.
  • Yes, I’m ready to place my order using credit/debit card or Paypal.
  • Yes, I realise my booking is covered by a full, no questions asked 60 Day 100% RISK FREE GUARANTEE and if I am not 100% happy, I can email you for an instant refund…
  • Yes, I understand I’ll receive my joining instructions as soon as I confirm my email address.
  • Yes, I understand my personal details are protected.
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