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Living without a goal.

I was searching through my book shelf today and came across this quote from James Ogilvy’s “Living without a Goal”.  It’s a good reminder to stop every now and then, take a look around and get clear about whether you’re on the right track.

“Give up the goal of wealth.  You probably have as much money as you need.  Much more may bring more trouble, not less.

Let go of the goal of independence.  The world does not work that way.  The sublime is relational and interdependent; and anyway, your friends want to help you.

Give up the goal of true love.  Love if it is romantic, is never strictly speaking true.  And if it is not romantic, it is not true love.

Let go of the goal of happiness.  That sweet bird lights only when least expected.

Let go of the goal of fame.  Its concave mirror distorts as it amplifies.

Treat these goals and others like them as powerful medicines, useful as prescribed, but dangerous if misused.  Keep out of the reach of children.”

from Living Without a Goal by James Ogilvy

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