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Margaritas in Mexico

So after 24 hours on bus and plane we finally roll into Zacatecas.  Luckily my journey finishes in the evening so with a couple of beers and an early night I wake up this morning none the worse for wear and well adjusted to the new time zone.  No jet lag and about from the occassional feeling of light headedness, no altitude sickness either.


Zacatecas is beautiful.  The architecture, the public gardens and the public art all bear testament to the former wealth of this town build on a silver mine.  The festival have made a big feature of our show "The Bell" on all the publicity so we are plastered all over town and on huge banners across the motorway on the way into town.


The actors head off to rehearse in the morning.  I have a bit of time to wander around the town and then a list of jobs- things we need sourcing locally, all the usual bits and pieces that need sorting befor a show.

In the evening the town gets busy and as part of the festival there are shows going on the streets and in the plazas.  We stroll around, enjoying the vibe, the energy and enthusiasm of the crowds.  It feels very safe here and everyone is very friendly.  My spanish is coming on!

Tomorrow is the big work day for me and the technical team.  14 hours of setting up, building and making, repairing and gerry rigging.  Everything seems to be in place but you never know til the show starts.. 


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