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New beginnings

Well after 6 months of a self imposed go slow I am busy busy busy again. There is nothing like an imminent and ever closer deadline to motivate.

In my case the deadline is a plane trip. On the 31st May I fly out to Dar es Salam in Tanzania to begin a long overdue visit to the country of my birth.

And then suddenly there are the vaccinations and the insurance to buy. There is the gathering together of kit, the realisation that that old favourite bag probably just won’t do. There is the inevitable shopping for those little things you just couldn’t possibly do without! Actually I’m doing pretty well on that score. I googled "What to pack" and found the excellent www.onebag.com Taking the advice on that site has trimmed my luggage down to the bare minimum and to get in the swing of things I have started to live out of my suitcase. Well I figure I might as well get practising and I like the kind of routine and discipline that the task imposes.

Of course I have to make sure that all my work is covered for the time that I’m away and then there are those jobs for people that I really can’t put off and the requests for things doing that, well we were going to ask you last month but seeing as you’ll be away can you just fix this, it’s just a little thing.

I’m teasing of course, actually I’m loving being active again and directing my energies outward. I’m running a couple of workshops in Mayand I’ve even found time to play! Last night I spend a blissful evening with a lovely group of people, singing songs and chanting together, sitting in the middle of a lush bluebell carpeted wood. By the way while I was in the woods I took the opportunity to test out my new hammock. It works a dream and I’m very impressed by the design (http://www.hennessyhammock.com).

Time is ticking …

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