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Nothing much happens

Of course the drawback of a laid back life style from a journalistic perspective is that nothing much happens. I could tell you we went to the Bulabo at the football stadium again. I could tell you we were at Bujora and then Kisesa and we went to visit various people for food, beer and just to get things done. But it wouldn’t even begin to capture the sheer hard work involved walking around, greeting people, standing around, walking some more. Everything you need to live can be found within a mile of where we are but when you have to walk in the baking heat of a dusty afternoon or the utter utter darkness of night even this becomes a challenge.

Emmanuelle tells me that there is a girl called Edele keeps pestering him for my phone number. He points her out to me. I tell him I am here, she can come and talk to me but apparently she doesn’t want to do that.

Up at the house we are visited by a puppy who licks up the fish heads we scattered earlier. A bit later we discover that the dog has stolen one of Baba Lau’s shoes. We look around everywhere for it but it can not be seen. This is the source of much amusement until a while later we realise that one of Paulo’s sandals has gone missing. The Dog thief is kicked and chased from the compound and stones and bottles greet its attempts to return.

Laurian has brought a pig up to the house because she has lost her partner. Maybe someone had taken him or maybe he had just wandered off. Laurian starts rubbing his tummy “What I am going to keep this pig for ever? No! we will have a feast!”

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