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Out of Touch

The drummers in action, originally uploaded by Robin Manuell.

Well its been a week since I posted anything. Been busy meeting various people and spending time with a couple of the local dance troupes while they practise. This group had just come from a job at the airport, dancing for the president of tanzania who was touring around the region.

Been saying my goodbyes to people in Kisesa and this is my last night in Mwanza. I have my bus ticket for Dar es Salam and I have two large bags of rice to deliver to Laurians sister who I will be staying with in Dar. Cant say Im looking forward to the bus trip- it leaves at 5.30am tomorrow morning and as far as I can work out doesnt get into Dar until the next day. I think the buses have to stop over night so they dont kill everyone on the road.

Ive got a return visit of Malaria which I am managing to hold at bay at the moment but Laurian wants to make sure Im dosed up with medicine before I hit the road.

Will write more when I have caught up with myself… Ps my punctuation isnt as bad as it looks- its just the keyboard on this computer playing silly beggars..

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