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Personal change and business growth for creative people.

Welcome.  My name is Robin Manuell. If you’re looking for someone to help you through an important issue or life transition then it’s important you choose someone you can relate to who will understand you and your business.  It’s a two way street. We’ve got to be able to work together.

“Having Robin’s support through an important business transition gave me the space and opportunity to actually sit and discuss things. Robin didn’t just understand my business, he understood me. I think that’s the difference, you don’t get a standard by the book response. Because he took the time to understand me, my attitudes and philosophy he could advice me knowing where I was coming from.”

Gaby.jpgGabrielle Gardner


Shine for Life

What I like most about my work is the sheer diversity of the people I get to meet and the opportunity to discover what each of them is best at.  What they do that really shines.  It’s a wonderful thing to be entrusted with.

We live in a world of ideas and ideas can change.  We can find better ones.  I believe that the more people thrive creatively the better chance we have of coming up with some really good ideas about how to live as a part of planet Earth.

“Robin has a way of getting to the heart of any discipline quickly and with a minimum of fuss …one of the brightest and most ethical trainers out there. If you’re interested in personal development then you must train with Robin. It’s that simple!”

Igor Ledochowski

Author of

The Deep Trance Training Manual

and Conversational Hypnosis

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“Robin draws from many sources and creates a potent mix …a master mind, he is a director and performer in what one might call “The Theatre of Change”.

paul-custom.jpgPaul Levy

Senior Research Fellow, Center for Research In Innovation Management.

Director, Change and Transformation Strategies

When your ready to start a conversation about working together you can contact me here


“You totally, totally rocked from the second we walked in to the moment we left – as different people! Your enthusiasm and commitment to our learning experience was something else. Talk about going first.”

Sarah M

Training Manager