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A Poem about dying




She came to him
In the twilight of their years
Friends and lovers all fallen
The memory of their love
Like the deep intertwining roots
Of two towering forest sentinels.

I have come to be with you she said
And he knew she had come to watch him die
Dutifully repaying a debt
She felt she owed

It hurt to see
The passions of his life
Take their revenge so effectively
On his capable body.

Choking Ivy, tumour, boring parasite
Leaves fell, decayed,
And she would sweep them up
With strength of purpose resolving him
To his approaching fate

And when at last his eyes sparkled
Their last goodbye in her warm safety
She sighed aloud for a burden lifted
Cried aloud for her greater loss
And smiled for she had found
The best way she knew to say thank you.