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She was in him like a ghost close and fast.
She was furious on his mind, would it last?
Just for her he took a chance

Just for her he learned to dance

Oh lust oh love,
(In romancing she left him.)
Oh love she cried
For with another I’m destined.

Oh she loved him she loved him she cried in the night.
I know the child is yours but I’m frightened of his might.
And wrapped in his embrace
With no courage to face

Thinking of you thinking of me
(In romancing she left him)
Thinking of me thinking of you
Because he’s starting to question.

Does our conversation cuckold him with words?
Have I betrayed myself in dreams he’s overheard
I’m coming to you still
For love with all my will

I can’t do with out you
(In romancing she left him)
I won’t do with out you
That’s not open to question.