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We are candles



Remembering that we are here for a purpose
The first faint murmurs of stillness and silence in solitude
The procession of words fading out and halting
And fear at the edge of it all

Not quite letting go, not quite, almost, now, I cast adrift. The sharpness returning to eyes that were blunted
Only half in this world and half in the other
Looking through and never looking at.

Oh keep me on my path oh silent.
And let it be my path beauty and wonder
Not another’s half trodden and all leading blind
Let me listen to the words of my angelic friends
And see through earthbound carapace their fluttering light

I have seen into the future and it haunts me
I want to sing and dance my way into it
And there are so many ways into the light
Which one is my song and my tune?

Here now through love,
We meet again, again and again
And do not fear
There is no harm in this
We will be shelter while we flutter still
In molten wax and all until, we are fireflies.