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I’m working just outside Zurich for a few days so I thought I’d take the opportunity to explore the city today. I arrive before nine in the morning and the place is empty but then on reflection, Brighton probably doesn’t get going until 10 or 11 most days either.

I take my time wandering around the cobble streets, getting diverted down interesting turnings or winding side alley’s that promise to reveal their little secrets. I love the way, when you are walking around a place for the first time everything seems a little brighter than normal, the colours stand out and odd little details draw themselves to your attention.

Inspired by Stephen Cotterell’s photography, I am being a bit more creative with my camera work. Usually I take pictures of people because I figure actually, when you finally get round to showing some one your travel photo’s it’s more than likely that its the people they’re going to be interested in. A landscape or a picture of a church is all very well but what you really want is a picture of your mate in front of it with a cheesey grin looking like a tourist, right? :-)


Rose petals

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