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Setting directions- Getting things done for people who don’t like making plans.

Of course while some people enjoy having a plan to work to with everything imagined in great detail, other people like to rely a little more on serendipity and a certain amount of pot luck. It’s not about being casual. It’s about leaving space for the universe to offer up some opportunity.

Personally I enjoy the sense of spontaneity that comes with not knowing what is going to happen next and the confidence that comes of having a choice of responses and plans that are drilled into a level of unconscious competence.

Here’s the short-cut route to achieving your goals. Sometime called the OAF model in NLP- Outcomes, Acuity, Flexibility.


Choose your outcome. (Outcome)

Go through at least the Evidence and Intention steps of [link:Setting a well formed outcome.]


Reality check. (Acuity)

Notice what you’re getting. Open up your eyes and your ears, feel the way the winds blowing, tune up your senses so you get more information from your environment.

Ask yourself “Am I gaining energy or loosing energy”

Ask yourself “Am I moving toward my goal, or away from it.”


Do something new! (Flexibility)

Keep changing what you do until you get what you what.

If what you’re doing is not working then do anything else.

… or change what you want.

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