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It really is very comfortable at the St Dominic Pastoral centre where I am staying and I am disinclined to move on although it is stretching my budget a little. Still I am feeling more and more at home walking around and making friends. I had my first meal of Ugali today and very nice it was too. Ugali is the local stable made from corn and casava usually, a sort of playdoh dumpling that you eat with your hands, dipping it in meat sauce or spinach or beans usually. I am also testing out all the local internet cafe’s to find the one’s with the fastest access and most amiable service.

This morning I went up to Capri point, an granite outcrop with a decaying mansion at the top. Great views of the bay and the town that helped to cement the local geography for me. This afternoon I plan to visit some of the local sites like the museum and then tomorrow I will head off early to Kisesa

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