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Stop hiding behind closed doors and let the sun in!

A friend of mine, a writer, has been working for years on her magnum opus.  With so much time and effort invested in it already its obvious that it’s become very precious to her.  She’s convinced she only has one chance to get it right and so she goes over and over it, refining, improving.  Will it ever get to see the light?  Will any one ever read it?

I on the other hand have made the opposite mistake, showing my hand too early, before I really have the confidence that I know where I am going with it.  Then the well intentioned critisism that is the response leaves me confused and down hearted.

On the other hand with my music I often reach a point where I think.  Enough now, it’s time to call in some musicians who can begin to breath some life into this.  It’s time to get feedback and see where that takes me.

I guess that’s where I am with this website.  It’s an instrument for creating feedback about what’s most useful and relevant for creative people to know.

You can help out by filling in the questionairre  here

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