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The Great Eastern Sun.

I was staying at a friends house the other day.  His kitchen looks out over the railway track and beyond that across a valley.  I woke up before six and there was this golden glow I could see through the half open door to  my room.  I got up and followed it, down the stairs to the kitchen.  The sun had risen over the silhouetted houses on the other side of the valley and a golden yellow vibrancy tinged with a last shimmer of red illuminated a new day.

Have you ever stayed up all night and waited for the sun to rise? Before dawn its the coldest and you wrap your blanket closer round to keep you warm and look to the east for the first faint light.  When it comes, there’s a feeling comes sometimes, like everything is going to be alright.  You see the sun and the new day and you look around you, shaking the dreams from your mind and waking to the moment.  In the stillness you realise that everything is alright.  everything is just as it is.  The sun is here and you are here.  Everything is as it should be.

The Great Eastern Sun in Tibetan Buddhism is the  mind’s potential to wake up: to see clearly. The glowing quality of the mind can illuminate the whole universe.  The Great Eastern Sun is the moment when you recognise  essential goodness.  The simple joy, exhuberance and intelligence that lives in the moment.

It is never too late because The Great Eastern Sun is always dawning.  Each day, a new begining.  The Great Eastern Sun does not wax or wane, it is always the rising sun.  Essential goodness does not change.  Budhha nature does not change.  When the sun comes out the shadows are dispelled.

The Great Eastern Sun provokes a question. Now that you are here.  Now that you are here and know that you are here and can look at the reality of your life illuminated a fresh.  What do you do next?

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