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Brighton Festival started this week and with the addition of a new improved and independent Fringe Festival there is more of a buzz around town than there had been for many years. I’m reviewing shows for fringereview.co.uk and first on the agenda was "James Dean is dead" at the Cella bar, downstairs at the Sanctuary. You can read my review here.

Monday I went to see "What I heard about Iraq" at the Udderbelly which is a huge tent pitched on the Old Steine right next to the big fish fountain. A storm was blowing up as we entered the tent and the canvas shock and swayed with the wind reminding me of our production of The Tempest in a tent in the station car park all those years ago.

The script was very powerful. It was just verbatim quotes from politicians patched together to tell the story of lies and fabrications that forms the backdrop to this 21st century travesty.

Once upon a time we trusted authority to lead us. Then we discovered they lied to us and they didn’t always have the answers. Now they still lie to us, we know they lie to us and they know we know they’re lying. So why haven’t they stopped?

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