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The Jungle has one more surprise for us before we leave Palenque.  We spend the day packing up, taking it real easy.  We head into town for provisions and then hang out at El Panchan til its time  to catch the coach.


Just before we leave, as I’m looking out at the jungle I experience something so strange it feels like I’m tripping out on some exotic hallucinogen. Tiny orange lights flicker on and off, here, there.  Am I imagining it?  No, Martin can see the same thing.  Clouds of tiny fireflies are floating through the air creating a random scatter pattern that must work as camoflage.  


We arrive in Tulum at 7.30 and spend the next three hours walking along the coast, checking out the best place to stay.  We are rewarded with a beach front cabana and another treat:  A flock of blue parrots cackling their way through the undergrowth.

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