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Why Being Positive Just Isn’t Enough.

You’ve heard that right? It’s all about the positive thinking, yeah? Just think positively, believe you can do it. See it, feel it. Yeah right.

It doesn’t take much experience of life to realise what a crock that is. I mean if that really worked then we would have world peace, no one would be dying in Gaza, the diseases of poverty and ignorance would be banished, we’ld be living in the perfect balance with nature and I would spend large potions of the year in countries where it I didn’t have to sit around wrapped in a blanket.

It’s not enough to just think positively. You also have to think with precision.

When you decide there’s something that you want and you decide it’s important enough for you to actually do something about it then there are a couple of ways that you can approach getting it.

Your mind and body is so complex, so sophisticated. After all you are gifted at birth with a combination of hardware, software and slush-ware that’s been at least 4 billion years in the making.

Pointing all of that in the right direction, organising that complexity to work in the modern world takes some learning. There are some thing’s we seem to have basic patterns and reflex’s built in for. There are neural and somatic imprint patterns for walking; for swimming; for learning language;for learning to manipulate our fingers; for making love; for learning to dance (I made that last one up, could it be true?)

But reading a book? Using a computer? Writing a program, or a novel: Painting a picture? Doing a tax return? Driving a car? Bringing up a child on your own while trying to hold down a job and a social life. Or paying for two families while freelancing? I don’t think so.

It’s straight forward enough to combine your positive thinking with more precision.

It’s enough to learn two things.

How to set outcomes and how to set directions.

Setting a positive and precise outcome will tune your conscious mind to the goal you want to achieve, whether it’s learning a skill, falling in love, getting rich or finally making it to Papua New Guinea.

You’ll be clearer about the what, the where, the when, the why and especially the how.

Setting a direction will align your unconscious mind, to looking, listening and sensing for those things that feel the best opportunities for that you have in mind. (sic)

I’ll be dealing with how to set outcomes and directions in the [link:Keeping Resolutions] workshop on the 17th of January.

Or you can just read the next couple of blog posts which will explain in more detail.

[link:Setting a well formed outcome.]

[link:Setting compelling directions.]

Get used to setting small goals for yourself first. It’s better to climb a few hills before you decide to cross the mountain.

All the best for now..


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