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Why “The Secret” is no secret at all.

Sitting up a mountain, you have time to get a lot of clarity. No distractions. Very soon you see, something cool happens.

What you see on the inside, when you close your eyes, gets to be the same as what you see on the outside, when you open them.

And the seasons will come and go and the wind will blow and at night you will dream of flying like a dragon, sure. But now the outside is so clear inside,

the inside gets outside easier.


There’s been a lot of gaff talked recently about “The Secret”. There was a film and a search on google will threw up a ton of sites claiming to reveal to you, the ancient secret knowledge of how to get the life you want. The house, the girl or the shiny new bike.


It’s been there all the time, the knowledge, only known to the rich and powerful, to special individuals through time who have kindled the flame.


If you keep searching then you find the “The Secret” debunkers who have their own secret which is more secret than that other secret because like yeah .. its the “Secret Secret”




My take on the film was that it was a very shrewd move by a bunch of marketing guru’s in the US personal development industry and has probably done that industry good. But can we please cut the whole mystery and awe stuff and the sugar coated spirituality? Especially when its so blatantly linked to materialism


Actually let’s not cut all of it. We need a little for the magic to slip in.


The secret by the way is the law of attraction. Oh did I just say that out loud before you bought my video. Oops.. Now every one will know.


The law of attraction basically says that like attracts like. If you imagine that you’ve already got the shiny new bike and you vividly feel how you will feel, see what you will see and hear what you will hear when you already have that shiny new bike, and practice feeling that then low and behold, the universe will reform and repattern and there on the door step will be your shiny new bike.  You just have to ask, believe and receive.


The law of attraction is both a powerful truth and a dangerous lie. At the very least it’s a way of describing something that your mind does naturally and just pointing it in the right direction.

But its not a secret.


"All that we are is a result of all that we have thought.  It is founded on thought.  It is based on thought."

Buddha, The Dhammapada.

"In the province of the mind, what one believes to be true is true or becomes true, within certain limits to be found experientially and experimentally."

John Lilly


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