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So my final week finds me in Zanzibar but there is so much I haven’t told you about. I didn’t tell you about Simon Ndokeji, a charming, intelligent man and a talented painter and batick artist. I didn’t tell you about the visit to the new university they are building just down the road from Kisesa that will double the towns population in less than 10 years. You’ve yet to hear about my apprenticeship as a surgical assistant or Baba Lau’s visit to Mama Kilala. Not to mention the Bus ride from Hell across Tanzania and the house of Laurians sister in Dar es Salam.

Still, whether its the wind that blows alternatively warm and cool, the faint tingling of my skin from sun burn and jelly fish stings- the result of a day snorkeling yesterday or the pleasant inner glow of good food, a hot bath and a comfortable bed, for some reason I feel the need to say .. until next time .. salama, peace .. and see you in England. Mungu akipenda, tutaonana, inshallah.

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